Nestled in between the cabinets are a 18 inch Beko dishwasher, and 24 inch Beko refrigerator, from local Warners Stellian. Brian installed the IKEA base cabinets, which would then be completed with DIY Shaker Style wood fronts from Semihandmade. We had them painted the Raindance color by a local painter, as cabinet painting is a skilled task. It all started with the above photos we found on Pinterest, via the talented folks at Cutting Edge Design and Kelly Deck Design. We really loved the warmth from the wood beams, but especially the counter to ceiling window.

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The more light—especially in smaller spaces—the better. Large neil campbell kirkcaldy windows are also handy because they reduce the need for artificial lighting. This modern U-shaped kitchen features an oversize horizontal paneless window that casts light onto the counter space and into the rest of the room.

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At its most narrow, it can be as compact as a galley kitchen. Going a bit wider might seem desirable, but go too wide and you reduce efficiency, because the points of contact within the work triangle get too far apart. Have a look at 10 of our favorite U-shaped kitchens to see how to strike the right balance and figure out if the U is the right layout for you. If you have the wall space sacrificing a few upper cabinets for windows will brighten up the kitchen making it feel larger. Reduce visual clutter in a U-shaped kitchen with floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinetry on one of the walls that maximizes vertical space.

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U-shaped kitchen layouts (occasionally known as C-shaped) are popular for homeowners looking to maximize space without sacrificing functionality. Along with plenty of cabinet storage, they offer flexibility in decor and can be integrated into any space, large or small. The term “U-shaped” refers to three connecting walls of cabinets, with an open space in the middle for entry.

Because there are three separate areas of counter space, two or three people can work at the same time without a problem. Since we weren’t able to extend the South facing wall of the u-shaped kitchen, we searched for other ways to make the space feel bigger. The original window had so much framing around and through it, that much of the natural light was being blocked. Our plan was to replace that with a brand new window, with much less trim.

Plus, a white kitchen never fails to feel chic and modern. You won’t need to worry about future kitchen updates, as the color white is timeless and well-loved by all home buyers when it comes time for resale. This white U-shaped kitchen features a large white marble peninsula with waterfall effect for added drama.

This layout is handy for cooking connoisseurs because it is easy to create an efficient kitchen work triangle . Reduce visual clutter in a U-shaped kitchen with plenty of built-in cabinetry and open shelving to display decorative objects or house everyday items. But whenever possible be sure to leave some wall space free and clear, especially the space around windows. Leaving some negative space will allow the design to breathe and make the room more comfortable. Ideal for small spaces, U-shaped kitchens (sometimes called C-shaped kitchens) can accommodate only one or two cooks, depending on the width of the U. As its name suggests, this configuration features a horseshoe-shaped work area, with cabinets and counters running around three sides with an open end for access.